Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What I did over the Labor Day weekend

As we all know, after Labor Day, it is considered tres gauche to wear white. Accordingly, I had to put away all my white ball gowns. My Pa-pa thought that he could still wear a straw skimmer! Can you understand why I question his fashion sense?

Wynter and I made a game of putting our summer clothes away. First, I would fold up a gown or a jacket. Then he would sneak in and throw it in the air. I didn't see him come in the first time, and I was beginning to think that perhaps I had gone mad. The second time, I caught him red-handed. Well, actually, I didn't see him throw the gown in the air, but I saw it hanging from the crystal chandelier, that Grand-pa-pa brought us from Paris.

I became so angry that I grabbed Wynter and threw him up in the air. As luck would have it he landed on the ceiling fan. He was going round and round, trying to grab the gown, when Eloise, the upstairs maid, walked in.

Eloise leapt into action. She got Wynter down, and used a broom to get the gown off the chandelier. Pa-pa would have been tres, tres angry if he had seen what happened. Lucky for us, Eloise can keep a secret!

Other than that, not much happened this weekend.

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