Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bowling for fun

Bowling is fun. Today was all about the bowling.

Our class is going to the Special Olympics. We are going to participate in bowling. There is an award for the best spirit. Our class hopes to win it. Today we made posters for the Clark Middle School Special Olympics bowing team.

Then we went to our adaptive P.E. class with Mr. Tony.  I was bowling with a foam ball and with foam pins. Last week, my entire class went to the bowling alley. We had fun.

You may wonder how I can bowl in a wheelchair. Here's how I do it.  I have a special frame that fits over my wheelchair. It has two rods that go down to the floor. I put the ball on it, and when I release the ball it rolls down the space between the rods, on then down the alley. Sometimes I knock over all the pins.

I enjoy bowling with my friends, but I would rather be jellyfishing with SpongeBob.

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