Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Scientific Method

There are five steps to the scientific method.

The first step is to ask a question. What do you want to investigate? What do you want to learn?
Yesterday, in class we investigated the question, "How many seeds are in a bean?"

The second step is to form a hypothesis.  A hypothesis is an educated guess. It is a sentence that can be proven either true or false. In my bean experiment, I guessed that there would be 8 seeds in a bean.

The next step is to do an actual experiment. We got some string beans and a knife. Then we split the beans opened with a kniife. The next step was to count the seeds in each bean. We recorded how many seeds we found in each bean.

The fourth step is to organize the data.

Finally, we have to find a conclusion. A conclusion is an answer to the question, "What did this experiment teach us?"

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